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Read Havas Worldwide's Latest Prosumer Report

01 November 2016

Havas Worldwide's Prosumer Report is a global survey undertaken every quarter by Havas to identify emerging trends, by monitoring attitudes among 'prosumers' (who are consumers that design or customise products for their own needs, and become therefore brand advocates in the process).

A global economic crisis, widespread political corruption, violent extremism and terror, ever-wider income inequities, the refugee crisis…these matters and others have triggered daunting thoughts about the future. So, too, have they contributed to major ideological shifts around the world, as evidenced by such developments as the Brexit vote and the shadow it casts over the European Union, the rise of Trump in the US, and rekindled tensions between Russia and the West.

The latest Prosumer study seeks to understand how people are responding to these times of intense change and uncertainty—and how brands can help ease concerns and bolster happiness. The study draws on the experiences and points of view of nearly 12,000 men and women in 37 markets around the globe.

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