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My Apprenticeship at Havas PR

By Folasade Akinbinu-Ngawoofah

I have been working as an apprentice, under the role of Business Administration at HAVAS PR UK going on 6 months now. Within my time here, I have not only been welcomed in the friendliest manner, but have learnt so much within such a short amount of time.

My role at Havas consists of many different things, including preparing and sending out products for the media, to conducting competitor analysis for our clients. However, each day in the office comes with not only different tasks, but also a new wave of lifelong knowledge and experience to take away with me. I have learnt how to create a contract for Marketing Influencers, how to recognise potential changes within the business industry and I’ve been able to gain confidence so I’m able to deal with new people (without getting very shy and embarrassed).

A highlight of my time here so far… in all honesty, I don’t have a specific moment. My entire time here has been a high, even to the point where I have come to work in any mood and leave feeling happy and positive knowing that I’m in a place in which people not only care for each other, but who are also happy for me to reach out to them if I need help with anything, no matter how big or small.

I think that my most challenging moment whilst working at Havas PR UK, is believing in myself as much as everybody else within the office believes that I can achieve things. When delegated tasks, I automatically question whether or not I had enough knowledge to do it, or if my capabilities can reach that far.

Whilst working here, I have learnt that there are places of work in which you can get along with everybody in your office, wake up - not dreading the day ahead and feel as though I was part of the team; imminently. Some of the skills that I have learnt are financial management, problem solving, communication, organisation, planning and writing and all in such a short amount of time.

I believe that employees at Havas are highly valued. It is nothing like the previous location that I used to work at. I was not expecting to settle in so quickly at all.

My favourite thing about Havas… hmm… I think that it has to be contributing something so small, but being part of a bigger picture. I can travel all around the world and have Havas family wherever I go. We’re more than just ‘work mates’. We support and encourage each other. Always.